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Please note that all services under the nedifinita.me domain have been redirected to nedifinita.com, except for the email noreply@nedifinita.me, which will remain active until the domain expiration on 2024-06-23T12:08:41Z.

Content Link Platform Expiry Date
Home Page https://nedifinita.com/ Vercel 2025-02-02T11:31:43Z
Blog Foo https://blog.nedifinita.com/ Vercel
https://blog.cam.ee/ Vercel 2026-01-07
Blog Bar https://kafe.ink/ 2026-08-24T05:25:04Z
Lyric https://lyric.nedifinita.com/ Vercel 2025-02-02T11:31:43Z


Platform Account Property
Twitter @undef_i Public
@prime998244853 Private
@undef_ined Public
@symwny Bot
Mastodon @minerva@c.im
Discord @undef_i#4431
Matrix @nedifinita
Telegram @nedifinita User
@u_nde_fined User
@undef_i Channel
Github @undef-i
Wikipedia @Nedifinita


  • nedifinita@proton.me
  • i@nedifinita.com
  • islegnaf@protonmail.com
  • lamts@tuta.io